WRAM Annual Conference

WRAM Annual Conference

The Wildlife Rehabilitators' Association of Massachusetts Conference and Annual Meeting for 2024 is going virtual once again!

WRAM is thrilled to offer its membership, and anyone else interested in learning about wildlife rehabilitation, a weekend full of educational lectures, social opportunities, round table discussions, a Medical Math workshop, live Q&A's, and other fun, networking events that make our conference so personalized.

Please register now to enjoy learning about topics that are essential for every rehabilitator to understand, as well as topics that are specialized for our state and our region.


  1. The WRAM 2024 Veterinarian Appreciation Award. Please recognize a veterinarian unsung hero in the wildlife community! The deadline for nominees for any WRAM member interested in recognizing an unsung veterinary hero in their community is February 23, 2024.
  2. The WRAM Annual Photo Contest is running until February 20, 2024. Any current WRAM member may submit photos to tzustra@yahoo.com that you have taken of wildlife rehabilitation scenarios or of critters you have cared for, making sure to include a descriptive or fun caption with each photo!
  3. Wildlife Rehabilitator of the Year Award: Nominate one of your peers now! The deadline for nominees for any member interested in recognizing a wildlife rehabilitator is February 23, 2024.