WRAM is always looking for new members to help our cause.

Membership benefits include:

Access to the members section of the WRAM website and all its wildlife rehabilitation resources, including :

  • Our Mentor Initiative
  • Licensure Practice Exams
  • WRAM Resource Library
  • Annual Conference Videos
  • Much more

Continuing education and wildlife care lab opportunities for WRAM members only

The opportunity to apply for grants and stipends (upon availability)

Our seasonal newsletter and content archives

Networking with individual rehabilitators, as well as other organizations – through channels such as Slack, our internal community app

Every active member 18 years or older shall be classified as a voting member

We are no longer offering an organizational membership.

All members must register individually now.

Memberships are for the period of one year from the date you sign up.

WRAM Individual Member
This membership is for non-student individuals.
WRAM Student Member
This membership option is for current students only!