Signing up for multiple people at once

Signing up for multiple people at one time.

Please bear with us. Our process is relatively new. At the moment we do not have a way for you to quickly and easily sign up for multiple members at one time. You will need to fill out and complete the registration process for each member individually.

But be careful! Once you sign up for the first member you are automatically logged into the site. If you go back to the registration form and fill it out for the next person, you're really just signing up the first person again and the second and subsequent people don't have accounts to log into.

Here's what you need to do:

  • Sign up for the first membership.
  • When the transaction is completed successfully and you're redirected back to the WRAM site, BEFORE going to the form again, logout.
  • Go back to the form and fill out for the next person.

If you don't see the ability to add a username for the next person you're trying to register, STOP. Contact Whitney for help.